Deep Cleaning

Deep Clean

Commercial Offices, Factories, Industrial, Private Houses and Communal Areas

At some point everything needs a thorough deep clean for wellbeing, presentation and it is also essential for businesses to meet their overall Health and Safety Hygiene responsibilities. Deep Cleaning can encompass all areas that need a little extra special attention.

We can clean just once or create a scheduled cleaning plan so you know everything is taken care of. A regular Deep Clean will also help your daily cleaner maintain hygiene standards especially in toilets and other important areas such as changing rooms, showers, staff room and kitchens.

  • Floors and all surfaces deep cleaned removing grease, dirt or unsightly marks
  • Carpets removing dirt, dust and stains
  • Skirting boards, doors, doorframes, fixtures, switches, sockets, walls and ceilings
  • Fixtures such as shelves & cupboards inside and out
  • Removing heaving deposits of limescale from sanitaryware and fixtures, kitchen tiles, sinks, drainers and taps
  • Windows, sills and window-frames
  • Property exteriors and facia removing environmental grime build up

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